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Global Quality Peanuts

We are pioneers in the peanut industry in Nicaragua

Quality is in the process, but above all in the experience

30 years working together to provide our customers with world-class peanuts.

Our products

Committed to the quality of our products, we are certified by the BRC.

Our Awards and Certifications


At COMASA we have a strong commitment to product safety and continuous improvement, so we develop and maintain a strict quality system which is constantly improved, taking into account internal and external reviews.

The Research and Development Area is dedicated to the experimentation and validation of our genetic materials from different parts of the world in order to provide COMASA's suppliers with the best cultivars with the most desired characteristics to maintain optimal yields and qualities, thus remaining competitive in the international market.

Quality that crosses borders

Our international market

Nicaragua exports peanuts to 24 destinations in all regions of the world, the main clients are Central America, Mexico, Holland, England, the United States, Colombia, Russia and even Australia, since the large snack and food companies use it as raw material for their products.



Through different projects of recycling, water treatment, reforestation, together with the collaboration of workers, civil society and public administrations, in order to improve the quality of life.

Social Responsibility

The social responsibility in COMASA has as its fundamental pillars to foment the development of the community, the quality of life and education, achieving it through the multiple programs that are carried out.

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