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The social responsibility in COMASA has as its fundamental pillars to foment the development of the community, the quality of life and education, achieving it through the multiple programs that are carried out.

Together with foundations and government entities that we support through donations, we managed to help schools, specialized health programs and restoration of iconic churches in our community.

Thanks to the joint efforts we have achieved great goals within our community, such as the eradication of illiteracy, training in the different technical areas or higher studies of our collaborators. At Comasa we are faithful believers that education is the weapon to eradicate poverty, that is why we ensure the primary and secondary education of the children of our collaborators, each child is given a package containing the complete school material for the calendar year they attend.


With the mission of improving the quality of life, training in technical specialties and spreading values ​​to COMASA employees and the community, each year the school package is donated, made up of school supplies for the whole year to the children of our collaborators. As well as the payment of the studies until taking them to the baccalaureate. We also have alliances with schools such as Fundación 2001, Hogar San José and others for the education of children in the communities of the different areas. These alliances help provide career techniques, such as carpentry, sewing, welding, among others.


A key part for COMASA is to be involved with the local communities from where our collaborators originate and also from where our processing plants are located. In order to be involved with said communities, we have capacitation programs, reforestation, waste management, and health programs. All of these programs revolve around our pillars of Social Responsibility which are Education, Health, and Sustainability.


COMASA has taken into its account actions with the sole purpose of improving the health condition of our collaborators, their families, and our community.

These actions promote campaigns for disease prevention and we guarantee access to proper medical attention. In collaboration with civil society, public administrations, and private health programs, we assure vaccination programs, prostate exams, mammographies, retina correction laser surgery, dental health, among other health programs.

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